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Fast Movers

Website: www.fastmovers.ca
Phone: (613) 800-0929


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                                           Overall Rating 8/10

Fast Movers was awarded our #3 best moving company award in 2012 based on the rating we recieved from customers. Our rating was based on best value for money, hassle free move and best experience.

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Fast Movers has a helpful website. Most of the information needed for your move including their rate information is posted online. Unlike various other moving companies they don't change their rates for different advertising methods. We have experienced their customer service to be friendly. Cosumers have rated their overall experience as very good. We highly recommend My Fast Movers.


                                            Consumer Reviews


Title: Amazing
Review: I must agree that they def. fullfilled their promises. Their movers were on time and did a great job.
Submitted by: Andrew Robinson

Title: Some Issues but taken care of.
I had a few issues with the booking however the customer service took care of me and I'm very pleased with my overall experience.
Submitted by: Richard levy

Title: Truly Amazing
Fast Movers were great. They really were faster and stronger.
Submitted by: Hugh Watson


Title: Great
I will apologize ahead of time for the lengthy review however I think people need to understand the moving system to understand why fast movers is a very good moving company.
Firstly I have used many moving companies in the fast and usually its always the same issues. They usually don't show up or come late. If they don't show you, you have no proof or they are not liable for any damadges since you have no proof.
Secondly, always use a moving company that takes a deposit. I paid the deposit in the amount of $100 and it was amazing. They reason why I say that is now I have paid collateral for my move. So if movers don't show up and I need to file a compliant with BBB they will ask for proof that I got a quotation from this company along with the deposit instructions.
Overall, my experience with Fast Movers was outstanding I would highly recommend them and rate them 5/5.
Submitted by: Hugh Watson

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